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Electric City Colors

January 21, 2017

Electric City Colors by Maxim Salnikov ACT I I was eight. It was a cold Russian night; I was too young to be thankful for the comfort of heating. I had everything: parents who loved me and brought me to trips around the world, a home, even a friend. But on that night, I have…



October 30, 2016

Images are used for non-commercial purposes, but I do not know the copyright holders. If you own the copyright to an image displayed below please let me know so I can give you credit. With thanks to Michael Swanwick, Chris Roberts, and Tau Station for the inspiration. Poem for DÓRA GABRIELLA #26 五大  


Word Cowboy Goes to Slovakia

October 15, 2015

I’ve just returned from a trip to Slovakia, where I went for a Joe Satriani concert together with a good friend of mine. The concert was awesome, but this post isn’t about the concert itself, it’s about my impressions of the 1-day stay in the post-Soviet country. Post-Soviet is a good way to describe it. The architecture…


Blade Over Heart

September 25, 2015

The Japanese kanji for Nin is drawn as a blade, raised over a heart. This may sound sinister, but that is a misconception. It represents, among other things, endurance and perseverance. The ninjas didn’t fight to win. They fought to survive. Or, so my ninja Master had taught me. Roughly eleven years ago, I was in my last years of high…