Category: Subjective Speculations

“Fallout 4” by Bethesda Softworks

January 13, 2017

Who and Why? People responsible for Fallout. Because they made my childhood dream come true. I have played the game on the Playstation 4 Pro for 50+ hours And now it is time to say goodbye. Because, war. War never changes. WHAT & WHEN? Fallout. I learnt English from the original game, and I was…

“The Occidental Bride” by BENJANUN SRIDUANGKAEW

January 3, 2016

Who & why? I’d first learnt of Benjanun Sriduangkaew from an article titled, “Acclaimed Sci-Fi writer exposed as notorious internet troll,” which was enough to catch my interest. Apparently she was so notorious a troll that there are entire websites (or, well, at least one) dedicated to trolling her back, and to trolling her family…