You probably don’t know me, so thank you for reading my words. I am a writer by profession and purpose; I’d also recently learnt that in the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna (or God, if you will), reveals to his friend the warrior prince Arjuna, and, through him, mankind, that every man should live according to his or her purpose.

Not to do something you’re meant to is the ultimate failure.

There are a lot of things I am meant to be writing or working on right now — a non-fiction book, a contract draft, a novella, a game, another game — with no guarantee that either will make me any money — and so, as I procrastinated, weak and weary, I  came upon the picture of Thomas Xavier on BBC. He was a French national and a victim of the terrorist attack on the London bridge; his body has just been pulled out of the Thames river.

He was 45 years old. Xavier was hit by the van the terrorists drove and thrown into the water.

After the van came to a halt the three ‘terrorists’ jumped out of the van and started hacking away at people with ten-inch knives who fled into the market. The three men came after them. Apparently one broke into a bar, came to the first woman he saw, said, ‘This is for my family, this is for Allah,’ and sunk a knife into her.

I’d put ‘terrorists’ in quotes earlier because it has become a word that had been sucked dry of all its essence. A terrorist is somebody who commits an act of violence to instill fear in people. I believe that the majority of the people who blow themselves up don’t do it because they want to scare us but because they view us as enemy combatants, and themselves — as the warriors of a holy war.

Or, perhaps, this is their way of revenge.

Photographs of Syria and Iraq come to mind. No wonder most people I meet are convinced that the end is nigh. Some of these folks from the Middle East have had their lives so broken that they see no choice but to break the lives of others. They think they cannot be helped.

I have no words for what happened in UK over the last few weeks.

I have no words for what is happening in Syria. Or happened in Iran just today. All I know is that we are all people, and, no, the world is not doomed. It’s not going to hell. There will be no apocalypse or a global ecological catastrophe because we, the people, live in the digital age. The age of information. We are not separated by language (English being the de-facto universal language of the net), we are not separated by borders, for there are no borders on the internet.

There are no limits to human kindness and compassion, to the good that we have in us, the qualities through which, for thousands of years, slowly, and at great costs, we continued to overcome darkness and chaos with logic and love.

So whoever you are, whenever you are … there’s no cause for alarm.

Everything’s going to be all right.

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