Do you want a professional ghostwriter to help you write your next book? Does your team need an experienced video game writer? Or maybe you need an expert to bring your company’s message to life? If so, send me an e-mail, and we can talk about how we can elevate your project to the next level.

My services include:


Non-fiction books are a fantastic medium to promote your business and inform your clients at the same time. But your content can’t be just filler. According to the great ad man David Ogilvy, “What really decides consumers to buy or not to buy is the content of your advertising, not its form.”

Good non-fiction books, brochures, websites and blog posts require diligent research, an understanding of what the end-clients want, and skillful copy to persuade the reader to act.


My work appeared in the Hugo-nominated Abyss & Apex magazine, Tales of the Zombie War (but don’t let that scare you), and other venues. My short story Dreams in Soft Focus received an Honorable Mention for 2014’s Writers of the Future contest, placing in the top 10% of about three thousand submissions. My next submission, The Cartographer, received the same distinction in 2015.

I wrote dozens of novels for my clients in genres such as Mystery, Western, Romance, Thriller, Adventure, Erotica, and Science Fiction.

My publication list:

The Chinese Chef Was a Hologram — Abyss & Apex, Fourth Quarter, 2009

Even in Death — Tales of World War Z, April 8, 2009


Various works as Tyro Vogel —

Narrative Design

The video game industry is the Hollywood of the future. No other medium has so many creative people striving towards a common objective: making the game fun to play.

Programmers, musicians, artists, designers, actors, and, of course, writers … everyone working together in a way that’s not possible anywhere else. The days when two programmers and an artist wrote all of the game’s dialogs from their basement office are long gone.

Modern titles require functional narratives, thought-out plots, and good people skills on the part of the writer.

Other Services

Copywriting, in its purest form, is the science of salesmanship.

The best copy is not measured in the amount of words, it’s measured in the impact these words create. I can help your business grow by brainstorming your advertising strategy, assisting with market research, consulting, and concept work.

Remember: It’s not about how many people you reach.

It’s about reaching the right people.